Vocabulary Projects

The following projects are your choices for each unit's vocabulary project.  You may choose any ONE of the following for each unit.  For EACH project, there is one overarching goal:  you must demonstrate to Mr. Ippolito that you understand the meaning of the word in its historical context.  Simply going to dictionary.com and going by the first definition you see is most likely not going to produce the most effective result.

OLD SCHOOL - Take the traditional "vocabulary worksheet" and complete all sections.

CONVERTED SONG - Take a song from traditional music or popular music, and replace the lyrics of the song with the vocab terms.  Record the song and send it digitally to Mr. Ippolito.

ORIGINAL SONG - Create your own song, record it, and send it digitally to Mr. Ippolito.

CARTOON - Draw a cartoon including all the vocab terms.  Take a picture/scan of the cartoon and send it digitally to Mr. Ippolito OR include it in your notes.

VIDEO - Create a video skit/presentation and send it digitally to Mr. Ippolito.

POSTER - Draw a poster that represents the vocab terms in words/graphics.  This poster should be "presentation quality" and suitable for placement on the walls of Mr. Ippolito's classroom.  Bring this poster into class.

Create your own project.  Come up with your own vocab project idea and discuss it with Mr. Ippolito.  If he approves it, do it!

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