Monday, March 11, 2019

HIST8 - March 11, 2019

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/BIG IDEAS: What were the challenges faced by settlers moving west in the 1800s? What were the push/pull factors that contributed to American westward expansion in the 1800s?

HOMEWORK: Be kind to others.

  1. 9:1 and 9:2 Quiz
  2. Gold Rush, Women, Mormons, and Missions - READING HERE

    • Create a four-rectangle graphic organizer like the one above
    • Read the FOCUS article Mr. Ippolito has assigned to your group first; take notes on that article and prepare to share your findings with the class; become an EXPERT on that topic
    • If you have time after you finish your focus article, read and take notes on the other articles in the series
    • When reading time is up, Mr. Ippolito may call upon your group to present to us about your focus topic--BE PREPARED!!

  1. History in Art: American Progress - PAINTING HERE and QUESTIONS HERE
  2. Westward Expansion Map - MAP HANDOUT HERE and INSTRUCTIONS HERE
  3. Manifest Destiny Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE
  4. "One Family's Journey" - The Next Chapter
  5. 9:1 and 9:2 Reading and Notes
  6. Gold Rush, Women, Mormons, and Missions - READING HERE

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