Thursday, February 14, 2019

HIST7 - February 14, 2019

ESSENTIAL QUESTION/BIG IDEA: What was the role of the Church in medieval Europe?
HOMEWORK: Medieval Europe Wrap-Up and start organizing your notes for the Medieval Europe Unit Exam next Friday.
  1. Welcome and attendance
  2. REVIEW: "A Short History of the English Language"
  3. Did you solve the puzzle of the medieval mystery woman?
  4. Who scored higher than the class on Viking Quest? - show me that screenshot during independent work time toward the end of the period
  5. Catholic Church Hierarchy - HANDOUT HERE and VIDEO HERE
  6. Medieval Europe Wrap-Up - HANDOUT HERE

  1. Japanese Feudalism
  2. Samurai Needed - READING AND HANDOUT HERE
  3. 12:3 Reading and Notes
  4. 12:4 Reading and Notes
  5. Samurai Needed - READING AND HANDOUT HERE
  6. Land For Loyalty - HANDOUT HERE
  7. 14:1 Reading and Notes
  8. The Rule of St. Benedict - HANDOUT HERE
  9. 14:2 Reading and Notes
  10. 14:1-2 Quiz
  11. BrainPop Vocabulary and Medieval Social Pyramid - HANDOUT HERE
  12. 15:1 and 15:2 Reading and Notes
  13. Medieval Kingdoms - HANDOUT HERE
  14. Vikings Video Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE and VIDEO HERE (original video in class shown from iTunes)
  15. Catholic Church Hierarchy - HANDOUT HERE and VIDEO HERE
  16. Medieval Europe Wrap-Up - HANDOUT HERE

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