Tuesday, February 12, 2019

HIST7 - February 12, 2019

ESSENTIAL QUESTION/BIG IDEA: How did the Vikings contribute to the history of medieval Europe?
HOMEWORK: Be kind to others.
  1. Welcome and attendance
  2. REVIEW: "A Short History of the English Language"
  3. Go over Vikings Video Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE
  4. Collect Vikings Video Study Guide
  5. BrainPop - The Vikings
  6. BrainPop vocabulary - an ONLINE assignment on brainpop.com - LOGIN to access vocab
  7. Take the BrainPop Vikings Quiz
  8. Want to explore some more? Check out THE BLACK DEATH
  9. It's time for Viking Quest!
Who am I? I lived a thousand years ago. I have been called the most beautiful woman in medieval Germany. I had a reputation for being a kind and generous wife and mother, but I was also the inspiration for a wicked Disney villain. Who am I? Quietly grab a half-notecard on top of the Chromebook cart, write your name and the answer on the card, and then place it in "The Box" near my backpack below the east window in my classroom.
  1. Japanese Feudalism
  2. Samurai Needed - READING AND HANDOUT HERE
  3. 12:3 Reading and Notes
  4. 12:4 Reading and Notes
  5. Samurai Needed - READING AND HANDOUT HERE
  6. Land For Loyalty - HANDOUT HERE
  7. 14:1 Reading and Notes
  8. The Rule of St. Benedict - HANDOUT HERE
  9. 14:2 Reading and Notes
  10. 14:1-2 Quiz
  11. BrainPop Vocabulary and Medieval Social Pyramid - HANDOUT HERE
  12. 15:1 and 15:2 Reading and Notes
  13. Medieval Kingdoms - HANDOUT HERE

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