Wednesday, December 19, 2018

HIST8 - December 19, 2018

HW: Have a great Winter Break!

When you finish with today's exam, then YOU MAY:
  • Quietly read a book
  • Put your head down to rest
  • Study for another class
  • Have a great idea you want to share with Mr. Ippolito? Share it HERE
  • Put on your headphones and check out one of the videos I posted for you below
  • Turn in your notes after everyone is done
  • Take your phone out at any time
  • Communicate with anyone else until everyone is done with their exam
Just added: Brain Games

  1. 3:2 Reading Notes
  2. Washington Irving and the Literature of Early America - HANDOUT HERE
  3. Midterm Research - HANDOUT HERE
  4. Midterm Election Night Tracker - HANDOUT HERE
  5. Constitutional Convention - READING HERE and HANDOUT HERE
  6. 3:3 Reading Notes
  7. The Federalist Papers - P1 HANDOUT - P2 HANDOUT
  8. Constitution Digital Interactive Notebook - ASSIGNMENT IN GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  9. USCIS Civics Exam - HANDOUT HERE
  10. Powers of Government - HANDOUT HERE
  11. What is the Bill of Rights? - SLIDESHOW HERE and HANDOUT HERE
  12. Bill of Rights: You Be the Judge - CASE PACKET HERE
  13. Bill of Rights Quiz - HANDOUT HERE
  14. 10 Rules for Police Encounters - LINK and VIDEOS HERE
  15. The Presidency of George Washington - answer question in GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  16. Review: Jefferson & Hamilton Gallery Walk - HANDOUT HERE - PLACARDS HERE
  17. Primary Source Analysis: Hamilton & Jefferson - HANDOUT HERE
  18. Final Exam Study Guide - HERE
  19. Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson Take-Home Quiz - HANDOUT HERE

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