Wednesday, November 7, 2018

HIST8 - November 7, 2018

HW: Read and take notes on 3:3; be prepared for Friday

  1. Welcome, attendance, and write down HW in your Binder Reminder
  2. Let's fill in the blanks on that Midterm Election Night Tracker - HANDOUT HERE
    1. A night of firsts - VIDEO BELOW
    2. Where can we find election data? What's a reliable source?
    3. Did Team Amazon vote consistently with California voters?
    4. Can we fill in all the blanks?
    5. Which races are "in the bag"?
    6. Why are some races not over yet?
  3. The Constitutional Convention
    1. Let's start with the VIDEO BELOW from Crash Course
    2. Then let's check out the READING HERE
    3. Finally, let's go to the HANDOUT HERE

  1. 3:2 Reading Notes
  2. Washington Irving and the Literature of Early America - HANDOUT HERE
  3. Midterm Research - HANDOUT HERE
  4. Midterm Election Night Tracker - HANDOUT HERE
  5. Constitutional Convention - READING HERE and HANDOUT HERE

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