Friday, October 19, 2018

HIST8 - October 19, 2018

HW: On the back of your Articles of Confederation Situation Card, answer the following questions, in 3 to 5 complete sentences:
"How would you change the Articles of Confederation to fix the problem on your Situation Card? Why did you choose this solution?"

  1. Welcome, attendance, and write down HW in your Binder Reminder
  2. Reading Quiz 3:1 - GAME SHOW QUIZ
  3. Review National Treasure homework - STUDY GUIDE
  4. The Articles of Confederation
    1. ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Under the Articles of Confederation, was the Federal Government able to deal effectively with problems?
    2. What Were the Articles of Confederation? - VIDEO - Should be done
    3. GROUP WORK: Gallery Walk - HANDOUT - Should be done
    4. GROUP WORK: Situation Cards - HANDOUT
    1. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
    2. Enlightenment Thinkers
    3. The Original Social Contract
    4. The Roots of American Government
    5. Magna Carta - HANDOUT and GLOSSARY OF TERMS
    6. Examining Passenger Lists - HANDOUTand PASSENGER LISTS
    7. Causes of the American Revolution - HANDOUT and GALLERY WALK PLACARDS
    8. The Seven Types of Propaganda - HANDOUT 1 HERE and HANDOUT 2 HERE
    9. Project: Loyalist or Patriot Propaganda Poster
    10. Four Interpretations of the Declaration of Independence - HANDOUT HERE
    11. Declaration of Independence: "What Were They Thinking?" - HANDOUT HERE
    12. Declaration of Independence: Critical Thinking Questions - HANDOUT HERE
    13. Declaration of Independence Break-Up Letter - HANDOUT HERE and GOOGLE CLASSROOM
    14. Digital Literacy: Digital Footprint Handout
    15. National Treasure - Part I - STUDY GUIDE HERE
    16. Articles of Confederation: Gallery Walk - HANDOUT and PLACARDS
    17. Articles of Confederation: Situation Cards - HANDOUT

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