Thursday, October 18, 2018

HIST7 - October 18, 2018

HW: Read and take notes on Chapter 5, Section 1 (5:1) in the textbook. Be prepared for a possible quiz next Wednesday.


Q1 Final Exam - CLICK HERE

When you finish your exam, you may:
  • Start on your homework
  • Fill out the Seating Chart Survey
  • Use the Chromebook for school-appropriate activities
    (including my awesome YouTube playlist)
  • Read a book
  • Put your head down
  • Contribute to an environment where everyone can do their best work
When you finish your exam, you MAY NOT:
  • Take out your phone
  • Talk to anyone
  • Cause a disruption of any kind
  1. Welcome, attendance, write down your HW
  2. Q1 Final Exam
  3. Seating Chart Survey - CLICK HERE
  4. Iconoclast Presentations
  5. Mr. Ippolito will be gone Monday - here's what to expect
  6. Remind me--I have a gift from Canada for you at the end of the period
  1. Binder Reminder Scavenger Hunt
  2. 1:1 Reading Notes
  3. 1:1 Quiz (Practice Quiz)
  4. 1:2 Reading Notes
  5. Causes of Death: Roman Emperors
  6. Rome’s Legacy in Words: Latin Roots in the English Language
  7. The Roman Empire: The Western Empire Collapses
  8. The Roman Empire in Art (answer question at the bottom of "The Western Empire"
  9. 1:3 Reading Notes and Quiz
  11. Show me you know how to use Kwiius - GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  12. Rome's Greatest Legacy - Oral Essay (TURN IN USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
  13. Legacy of Rome Quiz
  14. Fact or Opinion - HANDOUT HERE
  15. 3:1 Reading Notes
  16. 3:2 Vocabulary using Context Clues
  17. Crash Course World History: Islam - HANDOUT HERE
  18. My Five Personal Pillars - GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  19. 3:2 and 3:3 Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE
  20. Middle East Geography Map - HANDOUT HERE
  21. Iconoclasts - HANDOUT HERE
  22. Iconoclasts Poster - GOOGLE CLASSROOM

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