Monday, September 17, 2018

HIST8 - September 17, 2018

HW: Read and take notes on 2:3. Prepare for a reading quiz.

  1. Welcome, attendance, and write down HW in your Binder Reminder
  2. Take out Propaganda handout and go over a couple together as a class
  3. Spend 10 more minutes on independent practice with the Propaganda slides
    1. Review and complete the Seven Types of Propaganda - HANDOUT 1 and HANDOUT 2
  4. Finish going over Propaganda slides as a class
  5. Spotlight Examination: Propaganda of the Revolution
  6. Finish Gallery Walk lesson - HANDOUT - PLACARDS
    1. Elbow partner discussion - clean up what you may have missed
    2. Large-group discussion - any other questions?
    3. Paragraph discussion - What were the greatest causes of the American Revolution?
    4. Collect Gallery Walk
  7. Project: Loyalist or Patriot Propaganda Poster
    1. Decide on a group of 1, 2, or 3
    2. Decide which side of the Revolution you wish to take
    3. Decide what type(s) of propaganda you wish to include
    4. Brainstorm, outline, and rough draft today
    5. You'll get poster paper on Wednesday

  1. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
  2. Enlightenment Thinkers
  3. The Original Social Contract
  4. The Roots of American Government
  5. Magna Carta - HANDOUT and GLOSSARY OF TERMS
  6. Examining Passenger Lists - HANDOUTand PASSENGER LISTS
  7. Causes of the American Revolution - HANDOUT and GALLERY WALK PLACARDS
  8. The Seven Types of Propaganda - HANDOUT 1 HERE and HANDOUT 2 HERE

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