Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Events That Shaped the World" presentations conclude - 4/10/2018

HOMEWORK: Read 18:1 and 18:2 in the textbook and prepare for a reading quiz coming very soon. CLICK HERE FOR TEXTBOOK READING

  1. The 18:1 and 18:2 quiz could happen as early as tomorrow, so be prepared
    1. It's an awesome quiz!!
    2. I make the best quizzes
    3. Right now eight questions, multiple choice
  2. Complete ETSTW Presentations
  3. Finish your linear perspective video
    1. You will shoot video using your phone or your Chromebook
    2. If you use your Chromebook, I still recommend Kwiius--it's a great tool for recording Chromebook video! https://videorecorder.kwiius.com/
    3. Examples of student blogs are still available if you wish to check them out
MY HISTORY LEARNING BLOG - respond using complete sentences unless otherwise directed
BLOG POST #1 - What was the most interesting thing you have learned in history so far this year? What are you looking forward to learning about between now and the end of the school year?
BLOG POST #2 - Complete this sentence: "When I think of the word Renaissance, I think of . . ."? Your blog post must include one image that relates to The Renaissance.
BLOG POST #3 - Renaissance art is known for its Realism. Look at Jan van Eyck's Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife (1434)Really look at it up close. Examine every detail. Create a numbered list of FIVE details that look incredibly realistic. After your list, explain what is your favorite element of the painting. In your opinion, is there any part of the painting that does NOT look realistic to you? Include a close-up screen capture of your favorite element of the painting.
BLOG POST #4 - Good grief! Why are there so many naked people in Renaissance art versus Medieval art? How did cultural attitudes change in the Renaissance and why do you see so many more naked people? What is the difference in how Adam and Eve are portrayed in Medieval vs. Renaissance art?
BLOG POST #5 - Pay close attention to the video titled, "How to recognize Italian Renaissance art." What is the most interesting thing you learned from this video today? Explain in a 2-3 sentence response. Find the part of the video that you found most interesting, pause the video at that point, then take a screenshot of it. Include that screenshot in your blog post.
BLOG POST #6 - How does linear perspective work? In groups of 1, 2, or 3, create a 30-second video to demonstrate linear perspective and insert it into a Google Slides slideshow. Then embed that slideshow into today's blog post.

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