Wednesday, March 14, 2018

My History Learning Blog - 3/14/2018

HW: Make sure all work is turned in. The quarter ends THIS FRIDAY.

  1. Quarter ends this Friday 
  2. Creating our fourth quarter history learning blog!
    1. Visit
    2. Follow the prompts to create your very own blog
    3. Be sure to choose "Basic Blogger profile" and enter at least your first name (last name optional)
    4. Create a title
    5. Select your design
    6. Visit your blog and copy the URL from the Omnibar at the top of your browser
    7. Fill out the form below to tell me your name, class period, and blog URL
  3. Events That Shaped the World - project work continues today AFTER you have created and submitted to Mr. Ippolito your Seventh Grade History Learning Blog - can't see the survey below? CLICK HERE

1. Black Plague Primary Sources - HANDOUT HERE
2. Crash Course Disease Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE
3. Black Death Investigation Notes - HANDOUT HERE
4. Black Death Official Briefing Report - HANDOUT HERE (on paper OR Google Classroom)
5. Black Death Take-Home Quiz
6. Events That Shaped the World - PROJECT DETAILS HERE
7. Created your Seventh Grade History Learning Blog - CLICK HERE

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