Friday, February 2, 2018

Medieval Social Pyramid - 2/2/2018

  • HW: Read and take notes on 15:1 and 15:2. Possible reading quiz Wednesday.
  • ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Is it better to be able to make decisions for yourself, or is it better for someone to make all the decisions for you?
    1. Go over BrainPop Vocabulary and Medieval Social Pyramid - HANDOUT HERE
    2. Turn in SOTU Study Guide at the end of the period
    3. Turn in Rule of St. Benedict (E Period only)
    4. BONUS: Research the topic: "How did English evolve?" We will be exploring this on Monday
    1. Japanese Feudalism - HANDOUT HERE
    2. Training a Samurai/Samurai Needed - HANDOUT HERE
    3: 12:3 Reading and Notes
    4: 12:4 Reading and Notes
    5. Samurai Needed (instructions on Google Classroom)
    6. 14:1 Reading and Notes
    7. Samurai Warrior Queens - HANDOUT HERE and VIDEO HERE
    8. The Rule of St. Benedict - HANDOUT HERE
    9. 14:2 Reading and Notes
    10. 14:3 Reading and Notes
    11. BrainPop Question on Google Classroom
    12. Making Manuscripts question on Google Classroom
    13. State of the Union Study Guide - HANDOUT HERE
    14. BrainPop Vocabulary and Medieval Social Pyramid - HANDOUT HERE
    15. 15:1 and 15:2 Reading and Notes

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