Monday, January 22, 2018

The Order of St. Benedict - 1/22/2018

Read Chapter 14, Sections 1 and 2. Prepare for a possible open-note reading quiz WEDNESDAY.
Report directly to the LIBRARY tomorrow for our final installment in this year's DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP learning series.

    1. Remain silent until Mr. Ippolito turns the lights on.
    2. Get a handout titled - "The Rule of St. Benedict." It is on top of the Chromebook cart.
    3. You will watch a short video clip FIRST before doing the "Rule of St. Benedict" activity. Our Tech Team will put that video up on the screen. It is a clip from the History Channel special, "The Dark Ages."

    4. Once you have finished the video, you may then open your Chromebook and read the Rule of St. Benedict.  You will see a list of 72 rules. They were the rules that Benedictine monks had to follow. This is what you are reading to complete the assignment. Read the assignment, then complete "The Rule of St. Benedict" assignment.


    And you can learn more about monastery life in Medieval Europe here:

    Here's a complete reading on the Rule of St. Benedict:

    The moveable-type printing press wasn't invented until 1450, so monks would create books by hand. It's amazing! Watch this video to learn more (on mute, or with your own headphones): 


    1. Japanese Feudalism - HANDOUT HERE
    2. Training a Samurai/Samurai Needed - HANDOUT HERE
    3: 12:3 Reading and Notes
    4: 12:4 Reading and Notes
    5. Samurai Needed (instructions on Google Classroom)
    6. 14:1 Reading and Notes
    7. Samurai Warrior Queens - HANDOUT HERE
    8. The Rule of St. Benedict - HANDOUT HERE
    9. 14:2 Reading and Notes

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