Monday, December 4, 2017

THIEVES - 12/4/2017

ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S)/BIG IDEAS: How are the attitudes of Heian Japan regarding the roles of men and women in relationships similar to, or different from, attitudes that we have in our culture today?

HW: Read 12:1. Take notes using the THIEVES method for a possible reading quiz tomorrow.

  1. Winter Dance - it will very likely sell out. Buy your tickets soon!!
  2. Tale of Genji Wrap-Up and review questions
  3. THIEVES Reading Strategy for 12:1 - HANDOUT HERE
1. African Proverbs
2. African Proverb Word Cloud (submitted to our Classroom Blog) - INSTRUCTIONS HERE
4. Kingdoms of West Africa Study Guide
5. Adinkra Mat (turned in separately; not kept in notes)
6. Latitude and Longitude - HANDOUT HERE
7. Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali
8. Sundiata: What Comes Next (you will turn this in on our classroom blog)
9. Read and take notes on 10:1
10. Read and take notes on 10:2
11. Three Belief Systems of China
12. Crash Course World History: China (done on GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
13. What They Might Have Said/What They Actually Said (on Three Belief Systems of China)
14. Read and take notes on 10:3 and 11:1
15. My China Mini-Book - HANDOUT HERE
16. China/Mongols Movie Poster (submitted to our Classroom Blog)
17. Tale of Genji - HANDOUT HERE
18. THIEVES notes for 12:1 - HANDOUT HERE

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