Wednesday, October 18, 2017

African Proverb Word Cloud - 10/18/2017

ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S)/BIG IDEAS: How can we apply the wisdom of African proverbs to our everyday life?

HW: Read 5:2. Prepare for a 6-8 GAME SHOW QUIZ tomorrow on both 5:1 and 5:2.
  1. Family Engagement - which proverbs did your family enjoy most?
  2. African Proverb Word Cloud
    1. Visit
    2. I recommend you use the Wizard
    3. Decide which text you would like to copy and paste into your word cloud
      1. Use selected proverbs from OUR LIST OF PROVERBS HERE
      2. Use the most challenging or most popular from OUR SURVEY YESTERDAY
    4. Adjust the color, font, theme, size, shape and word list as needed to make your perfect word cloud! Ask Mr. Ippolito why the word list matters.
    5. Download your word cloud to your Chromebook using File > Save as PNG
    6. Email your word cloud image as an attachment to In the subject line of your email, type your first and last name and your class period. Leave the message part of the email blank. Then click the blue Send button.
    7. Visit our classroom website at to see your word cloud, plus other word clouds created by other students!
    8. Need to see the steps all over again? Check out my how-to video here:
  3. All done with your Word Cloud? Here's what you can do:
    1. Review your list of proverbs. Circle the numbers of any you would still like to ask about. Remember, by the end of this week you should understand the meaning of all 51.
    2. Dig deeper into the question of THEMES. Many of these proverbs can fall into common themes or categories. By observing the common themes among the proverbs, it can give us an idea of what West African cultures valued. To practice, start by looking for the theme of UNITY. Which of the proverbs deal with the theme of unity, sticking together, standing together as one? Finished with UNITY? Look for other themes, and identify which proverbs fit into that theme.
    3. Start reading 5:2. There's a game-show style quiz tomorrow on 5:1 and 5:2.
Did you figure out which African proverb inspired this song from The Lion King?

1. African Proverbs
2. African Proverb Word Cloud (submitted to our Classroom Blog)

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