Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ketchup Day - 9/26/2017

HW: Read and take notes on 3:2 and 3:3. Possible quiz TOMORROW. Please note that you have a mandatory minimum of three questions you need to answer on the "3:2 and 3:3 Maybe You Should Know This" assignment in Google Classroom.
HW: My Five Personal Pillars. Digital or on paper. Update: due Thursday.
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What factors contributed to the spread of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries?

  1. Welcome, attendance, write down HW 
  2. Today is "Ketchup Day"! - it's a great day to catch up on work!
  3. CURRENT EVENTS: President Trump and the NFL - I've added a couple of interesting articles to Google Classroom for you to check out
  4. What are some great things you can use today for?
    1. Some still have not finished Legacy of Rome Oral Essay--get it done before you lose more points! - use this: https://videorecorder.kwiius.com/
    2. 3:2 and 3:3 Maybe You should Know This on Google Classroom
    3. My Five Personal Pillars
    4. Read those articles I gave you on Trump and the NFL
  5. PLAINSMAN PROGRESS DAY TODAY - Even more time to "ketchup"!!

1. Causes of Death - Roman Emperors
2. 5-4-3-2-1 notes for 1:3
3. The Western Empire Collapses
4. Rome’s Legacy in Words: Latin Roots in the English Language
5. Bringing Latin Words to Life! (turn in using GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
7. Rome's Greatest Legacy Oral Essay (turned in using GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
8. 3:2 Context Clues Vocabulary - INSTRUCTIONS HERE
9. Crash Course Islam - HANDOUT HERE
10. My Five Personal Pillars (turned in using GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
11. Current Events: President Trump and the NFL (turned in using GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
12. 3:2 and 3:3 Maybe You should Know This (GOOGLE CLASSROOM)

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