Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Finish Black Death Writing - 4/12/2017


HOMEWORK: Complete and print your "Black Death Real World Writing Prompt."
HOMEWORK: Read pgs. 456-459 in the textbook (by Friday).
HOMEWORK: Be ready for your Black Death Quiz on Friday (this will NOT be open note).
  1. We will finish "Events That Changed the World" presentations tomorrow; if you visit Infinite Campus and you have BLANKS for the first three assignments of the school year, then you have not yet presented
  2. As I have mentioned the last two days, you should now have the following resources:
    1. The Plague in Siena: An Italian Chronicle
    2. The Boccaccio reading (an excerpt from The Decameron)
    3. The Black Death digital packet
    4. The Black Death images we looked at
    5. The videos we watched:
      1. BrainPop - The Black Death
      2. Mankind: The Story of All of Us - Ep.5: Plague - watch 21:37-31:35
  3. Review the instructions again for the Black Death Real World Writing Prompt
  4. Finish your writing today
  5. Your letter is due by the start of class TOMORROW
All finished with everything?

  • Create a Kahoot account and create your own Kahoot game on the Black Death. If you create one with at least 10 questions, we might just play it in class tomorrow!
  • Watch Crash Course: World History - "Disease"--John Green is always awesome!

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