Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Begin Black Death Writing - 4/11/2017


You should now have the following resources:
The Plague in Siena: An Italian Chronicle
The Boccaccio reading (an excerpt from The Decameron)
The Black Death digital packet
The Black Death images we looked at
The videos we watched:
BrainPop - The Black Death
Mankind: The Story of All of Us - Ep.5: Plague - watch 21:37-31:35
Review the instructions again for the Black Death Real World Writing Prompt
Begin your writing today
Your letter is due by the start of class on Thursday
Your letter should contain your first and last name, period, and due date in the upper-right corner. It should contain a proper heading at the top-center, and should follow the format for a formal letter (see below)
Sample format for formal letter writing:

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