Thursday, March 9, 2017

Life of a Knight and Catch-Up Day - 3/9-10/2017

Chapter 15 Wrap-UpHandout is on top of the Chromebook cart. DUE MONDAY.

Can a person change their stars?
1. Thursday and Friday are catch-up days. We will watch video clips from A Knight's Tale while you are working on getting caught up with any work you still may need to complete.
2. Samurai Needed poster

  • They were due a month ago, so I gave plenty of time to turn them in late electronically
  • At this point, you can still get credit, but now you have to print it out yourself
  • 10 points = you followed all instructions and exported to PDF; less than 10 points means you didn't follow all instructions

1. President Obama's Farewell Address - SOAPSTone
2. 12:1 notes (optional)
3. 12:2 notes (optional)
4. Crash Course Japan (watch video and answer questions)
5. The Tale of Genji
6. 5-4-3-2-1 on 12:3
7. President Trump's Inaugural Address - SOAPSTone
8. Living Treasures of Japan
9. Japanese Feudalism
10. A Japanese Story: The Samurai and the Tea Master
11. Three Haiku Poems (GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
12. Training a Samurai/Samurai Needed
13. 12:4 notes (optional)
14. Samurai Needed (Google Classroom)
15. 14:1 notes (optional)
16. The Rule of St. Benedict
17. 14:2 notes (optional)
18. European Kingdom Activity (instructions only)
19. BrainPop video and worksheet
20. BrainPop Vocab and Medieval Social Pyramid
21. 14:3 notes (optional)
22. 15:1 and 15:2 notes (optional)
23. A Short History of the English Language
25. BrainPop vocabulary (ONLINE on BRAINPOP)
26. The Catholic Church Hierarchy - all those readings are here
27. Sitting At a Medieval Dinner Table - all those readings are here
28. Does "Fate" exist? Writing Prompt (ONLINE submitted through Google Docs)
29. Chapter 15 Wrap-Up

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