Friday, March 17, 2017

Last Day of the Quarter - 3/17/2017

  1. Check out Infinite Campus first. Find out if this is a grade you are happy with. If you are NOT happy, then do something about it.
  2. Got below a 75% on yesterday's final exam? You can re-take the final for up to 75% credit. Ask Mr. Ippolito for the re-take as soon as he's done going over the agenda.
  3. HOW I CAN STILL IMPROVE MY GRADE THIS WEEKEND - You'll notice your final is worth 100 points (as it was in both Q1 and Q2--split in half as "Part 1" and "Part 2"). Part 2 can be bumped up to 100% with The Great Family Listen OR Events That Shaped The World. You must turn either of those in by Monday if you want them to impact your Q3 grade. Please note that you must sign up for an "Event That Shaped the World" with Mr. Ippolito so you don't duplicate someone else's artifact.
  4. Talk to Mr. Ippolito in person TODAY if you don't understand why you have the grade you have, or you have any questions. Please understand that Mr. Ippolito may not have time in class to play the "what if" game. If you want to do that, see him at lunch or after school.
  5. Turn in your Blazer Bucks as you walk out the door today.
Events That Shaped the World Sign-Ups

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