Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Events That Shaped the World - 3/21-23/2017

HOMEWORK: Continue working on your "Events That Shaped the World" presentation.

  1. Our new Seating Chart (Tuesday)
  2. Events That Shaped the World (all week)
    1. NAMES! NAMES! - Make sure names of everyone in your group are on both your "Be The Thing" writing assignment AND your artifact
    2. Please make sure your GROUP LEADER is on the spreadsheet below
    3. BONUS POINTS offered for Open House hosts
    4. Start your Q4 grade off on a positive note!
  3. Open House hosts
  4. Work on project
PROJECT GRADING (keep in mind that grading is time-sensitive)
  1. ARTIFACT (15 points)
    1. turned in by Thursday - 15 points
    2. turned in after Thursday - 5 points
  2. "BE THE THING" WRITING (15 points)
    1. Print and turn in a HARD COPY on paper
    2. by brunch Thursday - 20 pts (BONUS!)
    3. end of class Thursday - 15 pts
    4. after Thursday - 5 pts
  3. SLIDESHOW - presentations begin Friday (20 points)
    1. Group leaders should turn in using GOOGLE CLASSROOM
    2. Ready when your group is called? Full credit.
    3. Ready on "second call" - up to 80% credit.
    4. After "second call" - up to 1/2 credit.

Events That Shaped the World Sign-Ups

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