Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Do you want to change your stars? - 3/8/2017

Begin studying for your Q3 Final Exam. Study Guide will be released next week.

Does fate exist? Can you change your stars,
or is your future already written for you?


0. Turning in late work and updating your grade in the last two weeks of the quarter - HAND YOUR WORK DIRECTLY TO MR. IPPOLITO TO GET THAT INTO INFINITE CAMPUS IMMEDIATELY. When Mr. Ippolito is sitting at his computer is a great time to turn that in.

1. The video below is produced by people who believe in astrology. We will discuss this in the context of medieval Europeans who also believed in astrology, and discuss whether or not someone's future can truly be "written in the stars":

2. WRITING PROMPT: Does fate exist? Can you "change your stars," or is your future already written for you?

(respond to this electronically, as a group, at the end of your Vocabulary assignment)

1. President Obama's Farewell Address - SOAPSTone
2. 12:1 notes (optional)
3. 12:2 notes (optional)
4. Crash Course Japan (watch video and answer questions)
5. The Tale of Genji
6. 5-4-3-2-1 on 12:3
7. President Trump's Inaugural Address - SOAPSTone
8. Living Treasures of Japan
9. Japanese Feudalism
10. A Japanese Story: The Samurai and the Tea Master
11. Three Haiku Poems (GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
12. Training a Samurai/Samurai Needed
13. 12:4 notes (optional)
14. Samurai Needed (Google Classroom)
15. 14:1 notes (optional)
16. The Rule of St. Benedict
17. 14:2 notes (optional)
18. European Kingdom Activity (instructions only)
19. BrainPop video and worksheet
20. BrainPop Vocab and Medieval Social Pyramid
21. 14:3 notes (optional)
22. 15:1 and 15:2 notes (optional)
23. A Short History of the English Language
25. BrainPop vocabulary (ONLINE on BRAINPOP)
26. The Catholic Church Hierarchy - all those readings are here
27. Sitting At a Medieval Dinner Table - all those readings are here
28. Does "Fate" exist? Writing Prompt (ONLINE submitted through Google Docs)

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