Friday, February 3, 2017

Training a Samurai - 2/3/2017

Read and take notes on Chapter 12, Section 4 (possible quiz Monday or Tuesday)
Japanese haiku presentations begin Monday
    1. Welcome and attendance
    2. Training a Samurai - HANDOUT HERE
    3. HW: Create THREE haiku poems (see Google Classroom for more information)
    4. HW: Read and take notes on Chapter 12, Section 4. As always, be prepared for a possible reading quiz next Monday or Tuesday.
    VIDEOS to better understand the samurai:
    1. President Obama's Farewell Address - SOAPSTone
    2. 12:1 notes (optional)
    3. 12:2 notes (optional)
    4. Crash Course Japan (watch video and answer questions)
    5. The Tale of Genji
    6. 5-4-3-2-1 on 12:3
    7. President Trump's Inaugural Address - SOAPSTone
    8. Living Treasures of Japan
    9. Japanese Feudalism
    10. A Japanese Story: The Samurai and the Tea Master
    11. Three Haiku Poems (GOOGLE CLASSROOM)
    12. Training a Samurai/Samurai Needed

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