Thursday, December 1, 2016

Chinese Wisdom for the Modern World - 12/1/2016

Yesterday: 4
Yesterday: 4
Yesterday: 4

HW: Begin work on your project: "Chinese Wisdom for the Modern World" 
  1. China Mini-Book - the pink "Late Because Post-It"
  2. Rogue One tickets - I need to place my final order tomorrow
  3. Winter Dance COURT VOTING - form is live on
  4. Three Belief Systems of China - turn this in at the END of the period today
  5. Newsela - read and take a quiz on two more articles by tomorrow
  6. PROJECT - "Chinese Wisdom for the Modern World"
    1. Think about how people treat each other in the world in which we live
    2. Look through the lessons we have learned from the Eastern philosophers we have already studied (Confucius, Laozi, and Buddha)
    3. What wisdom have they shared that could apply to our lives today? The way we treat each other at school? The way we treat our family members? The way we treat each other on social media?
    4. Identify ONE QUOTE that will be the central theme for your project (only one quote per group, so have some back-ups just in case). We will pick tomorrow.
    5. Identify up to TWO OTHER PEOPLE with whom to work on the project
    6. You will then choose one of THREE WAYS to present your theme:
      1. Create a Google Slides slideshow connecting your quote with three ways we can make our real world lives better. You present this to the class. Worth 25 points.
      2. Create a PSA video with your group to share your quote and three ways we can connect that quote to making our real world lives better. You present this to the class AND if it's a good enough video, we'll share it on Sierra Vista Life. Worth 50 points.
      3. Create a campaign connecting your quote with three ways we can make our real world lives better. Pick a quote and live it, share it, do it. Create a hashtag. Make signs/buttons/pins. Create signs to put up in teacher's classrooms. Go to the mall and share with the community. Go feed the homeless. Take care of shelter animals. DO something. Document your project in photos/video and share with the class and/or Mr. Ippolito by the end of the quarter. Worth 100 points.
1. African Proverbs
3. Kingdoms of West Africa Study Guide
4. Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali
* Match Your Vote (turned in on Google Classroom)
* Sundiata: The Next Chapter (Google Classroom)
5. 2016 Electoral College Map
6. Crash Course: The Mongols
7. 10:1 Chapter Notes
8. 10:1 Vocabulary Terms (at the end of your 10:1 Chapter Notes)
Newsela article assigned on 11/16
9. Three Belief Systems of China (including Quote Bubble portion)
*China Mini-Book (separate project)
*Two more Newsela articles (complete by 12/2)
*PROJECT: "Chinese Wisdom for the Modern World"

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