Friday, November 4, 2016

Trump's Narrow Path to Victory - 11/4/2016

ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S)/BIG IDEAS: What lessons can be learn from African folk tales?

HW: Finish Sundiata: The Next Chapter by Sunday evening in Google Classroom.

  1. Trump's narrow path to victory and what we are doing next Monday and Tuesday
  2. The last Adinkra Mat presentations
  3. Finish working on Sundiata: The Next Chapter (instructions in Google Classroom)
    1. Google Classroom and the power of UNSUBMIT
    2. I will begin by answering questions like, "Does it need to have a title?" "Can I print it if I want to?" "Will I be able to share my story with the class?" and more
    3. Are you already done with your narrative? Consider sharing with a peer to proofread, or if you're done done, check out one of the election videos I have shared with you, below. Grover from Sesame Street is awesome!!
1. African Proverbs
3. Kingdoms of West Africa Study Guide
4. Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali
5. Match Your Vote (turned in on Google Classroom)
6. Sundiata: The Next Chapter (Google Classroom)

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