Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Day TOMORROW! - 11/7/2016

ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S)/BIG IDEAS: What lessons can be learned from African folk tales? How can we predict the winner of the US Presidential election?

HW: Turn in Sundiata: The Next Chapter if you have not yet done so.
HW: Make sure you turn in the 2016 Electoral College Map by the end of class TOMORROW. You will have about 20 minutes tomorrow to work on it. You MUST turn it in tomorrow if you want to be eligible for the contest.

  1. Make sure your Sundiata: The Next Chapter story gets turned in (Google Classroom) today
  2. The 2016 Electoral College Map
    1. Look up the latest polling numbers for the Battleground States (Mr. Ippolito uses Real Clear Politics, but you are free to use whatever reliable polling source you wish)
    2. Elect a "Class President for a Day" - they will be your leader tomorrow and will fill out the prediction sheet for the whole class
    3. PRIZES!! - So what do we win as individuals? As a class?
    4. If you would like, during the last two minutes of class tomorrow you will have my permission to take a photo of your Electoral College Map
    5. Vote for President on Kahoot
  3. This answers Sean Juni's question about making t-shirts at home - CLICK HERE
1. African Proverbs
3. Kingdoms of West Africa Study Guide
4. Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali
5. Match Your Vote (turned in on Google Classroom)
6. Sundiata: The Next Chapter (Google Classroom)
7. 2016 Electoral College Map
8. Election Day in America!

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