Tuesday, November 22, 2016

China Mini-Book - 11/21-22/2016

Friday: 4
Yesterday: 10
Friday: 4
Yesterday: 10
Friday: 4
Yesterday: 9

HW: Get geared up for tomorrow's Turkey Bowl!
  1. Canned Food Drive - We are currently in 3rd place!
  2. A Christmas Carol at the Glendale Center Theatre (originally 52 seats available; now 14 left)
  3. Activity Day tomorrow - check the schedule to verify what you signed up for D and E periods
  4. The Great Thanksgiving Listen
    1. Select 10-15 interview questions to ask your interviewee
    2. Make sure there is enough storage space on your recording device. The easiest way to record is with the voice recorder app on your phone, iPod Touch, or iPad
    3. Arrange for a quiet place and time to interview an older member of your family (grandparent or someone born before 1966)
    4. Once the interview is complete, take a photo of you and your interviewee
    5. Upload the audio of your interview to Google Drive.
    6. Name the audio file like this: Interview with My Grandmother Jane Smith - Nov2016
    7. Share this audio recording file with at least three other family members. The goal with this upload is to put this file in a place that will be both safe AND a place where you and your family can find the file in years to come.
    8. Check in with me next Monday. There will be a brief form to fill out and you will be asked to prove that you conducted your interview. Once that is complete, you get the FINAL EXAM BONUS!
  5. Continue work on the China Mini-Book

    1. African Proverbs
    3. Kingdoms of West Africa Study Guide
    4. Sundiata: The Lion King of Mali
    * Match Your Vote (turned in on Google Classroom)
    * Sundiata: The Next Chapter (Google Classroom)
    5. 2016 Electoral College Map
    6. Crash Course: The Mongols
    7. 10:1 Chapter Notes
    8. 10:1 Vocabulary Terms (at the end of your 10:1 Chapter Notes)
    Newsela article assigned on 11/16
    9. Three Belief Systems of China
    *China Mini-Book (separate project)

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