Monday, August 1, 2016

Sierra Vista Media Team - Yearbook and Sierra Vista Life

Hey Sierra Vista Media Team!

It has been a super busy summer for me! In addition to working a summer leadership camp for about three weeks, my family and I tracked down nearly 200 California Historical Landmarks in June and July. You can get a little bit of an idea of what we have been up to the last three years on our website.

Here is now an update on what's happening for our two teams:


We do not need to meet prior to the start of school, but I do have two challenges for you. One of our very first jobs in yearbook will be to create two two-page layouts that will go right at the beginning of our book: Registration and the First Day of School

There is something magical about school starting. Kids are excited. They're nervous. They see old friends they haven't seen in months or sometimes years. Many have chosen outfits (even for Registration!) designed to impress others. There are emotions and moments at Registration and on the First Day of School that cannot be captured at any other time during the school year, which is why I challenge you, using either a real camera or simply the camera on your phone, to capture 10 photos on each day (the day you come for Registration and our first day of school. If you had to tell the "story of that day" in photographs, what moments would you capture? Think about it in advance, then look for those moments and photograph them. We'll collect and share all those photos in class on Friday, August 12 (our second day of school).

Have no idea how to take good yearbook photos? No worries! I will teach you in the first couple weeks of school. However, check out these resources in advance:

- From our yearbook publisher Jostens: Big Photo Ideas 


We have lots of work to do before the school year even begins! We have at least three different videos to create, including our First Day of School show! I invite all SVLife members to join us for two meetings, both in my classroom (Room 301):
- Wednesday, August 3, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
- Thursday, August 4, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

I would love to have all SVLife members attend, but I also realize it's the end of summer, and I'm not giving you much notice. Please don't cancel family vacations or other previous commitments. Come if you can, and if we don't see you this week, we will be getting together again next week before school starts.

Mr. Ippolito

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