Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What can I do (and NOT do) if I finish CAASPP testing early today? - 5/11/2016

Here are some great things you CAN do if you finish your CAASPP testing early:

  • Look at your assignment sheet that you got yesterday. You may take this out of your backpack, or check out the digital copy HERE
  • Start up a collaborative Google Doc where you can interact with your "family members" and share ideas and research - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! Call the file something like "Ellis Island Research" and then share it with everyone in your family group. That way you can communicate with your family members even while the room is quiet.
  • Brainstorm what your name might be. Do a Google search for "common Greek names" or "common British names" or "common Irish names" or whatever your nationality is
  • Check out a sneak preview of your Ellis Island Research and Immigrant Interview sheet that I will give you tomorrow. It contains the questions you will need to answer when you do research on your country. You will have one day (next Monday) to do research in the library. The rest of your research will need to be on your own.
  • You can start doing some country research using Culture Grams online. It's a great resource!
  • You may do other online research to find out more about your country

    Here are some things you MAY NOT do if you finish your CAASPP testing early:
    • Take out a cell phone or any electronic device
    • Watch any video on your Chromebook
    • Play games of any kind
    • Talk or make any other noise
    • Do anything that would disturb others or prevent them from doing their best on the CAASPP test

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