Friday, April 22, 2016

The Alamo Through Your Eyes - 4/22/2016

ESSENTIAL QUESTION/BIG IDEA: Were the Texans justified in fighting to break away from Mexico?  Was their fight for independence right or wrong?

HOMEWORK: The Alamo Through Your Eyes - DUE TUESDAY, 4/26

1. Collect "Remember the Alamo"
2. Discussion Questions from the film
  • Why do you think Santa Anna called himself "the Napoleon of the West"?
  • How were slaves depicted in the film? What do you think the filmmaker was trying to say about the treatment of slaves in Texas, and in the South in general during this time?
  • "The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?
  • Jim Bowie is telling a story in the bar with his friend. When he asks his friend why he didn't help him fight at the brawl in Natchez (where he was stabbed and shot in the chest), his friend says, "You were in the wrong, Jim." Bowie replies, "That's when I need you the most!" Is this true about our own friendships? Explain.
  • Many refer to The Alamo as a "lost cause." They knew they were outnumbered. They knew they weren't going to get help. They knew they would most likely die. Was the Alamo a "lost cause"? Was the battle worth it, or did they die for nothing?
  • Why did Santa Anna keep waiting for Sam Houston? Why did Sam Houston wait for so long?
  • The filmmaker used several different methods for portraying Santa Anna as a real bad guy, perhaps even worse than he was in real life. What were they?
  • William Travis, in his final speech at the Alamo, says, "Texas has been a second chance for me. Perhaps it has been so for you as well." When do we need second chances in life? Is there ever a point when someone DOESN'T deserve a second chance?
  • If you have time, here are some interesting facts about Santa Anna
3. The Alamo Through Your Eyes - GOOGLE CLASSROOM

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