Friday, February 5, 2016

Heading to New Hampshire - 2/5/2016

HOMEWORK: Eat healthy on Super Bowl Sunday

1. Message from Ms. Ostrom:

  • Any Science quiz retakes need to be done at lunch in Ms. Ostrom's room

2. Clarifying Mr. Ippolito's cell phone policy

  • Because we have Chromebooks, we rarely have the need to use cell phones in class for educational purposes. When we do, I will specifically state it.
  • Under normal circumstances, cell phones and other personal electronic devices may NEVER be used in my class--from the starting bell until class dismissal.
  • Use can be interpreted by Mr. Ippolito as any viewing or touching of the screen or touching of the buttons. That is considered use. As the teacher, I ultimately get to interpret what "use" is in my classroom.
  • "But I just like to keep in on my desk."
  • "But I was just checking the time."
  • Keeping your phone away helps you to be fully mentally present. Being fully mentally present is a skill you will need . . .
    • With your family
    • With your friends
    • In your job
    • In high school, college, and higher education
    • On a date
    • With your future friends, partner, and children
  • Keeping your cell phone silent and away tells the people you are with that live human interaction is more important than virtual interaction

2. Today we are going over part of Farewell to Washington and the Iowa Caucus - HANDOUT HERE

3. Let's play Kahoot!

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