Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump, the Constitution, and the Civics Exam - 12/9-10/2015

HOMEWORK: Study the USCIS Civics Exam (test Friday) and write your Donald Trump essay (due Monday).

1. USCIS Civics Exam - HANDOUT HERE and all sorts of great study materials from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services HERE


Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein

Governor Jerry Brown

Representative Steve Knight

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

2. Essay Prompt on GOOGLE CLASSROOM

  • Evidence should be drawn from what Donald Trump has SAID or what Donald Trump has DONE (his words and his actions), not simply what others are saying about him.
  • Everything that people say about Donald Trump is CLAIM, and it wouldn't even be your claim, it's someone else's claim. Be careful when taking someone else's claim as your own. Mr. Ippolito has Google, too. Use your OWN words.
  • A good place to start your research would be a Google search for things like:
    • Donald Trump constitution
    • Donald Trump good for america
    • Donald Trump bad for america
    • Donald Trump 14th amendment
    • Donald Trump 1st amendment
    • Donald Trump 2nd amendment

Donald Trump's candidacy is good for our country and good for our Constitution. Assess the validity of this statement.

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