Thursday, December 3, 2015

Constitution Exam TOMORROW - 12/3/2015

HOMEWORK: Read pages 86 to 124 in your textbook. You will be responsible for knowing all this, plus the answers to all the questions in the Three Branches of Government HANDOUT HEREplus the answers to the Constitution Slide Presentations HERE.

1. At the beginning of the period, nominate your favorites for Winter Formal Court on

2. Tomorrow's Constitution Exam

  • Your three "study guides" for study tonight: textbook pgs 86-124, Three Branches of Government handout, and Constitution Slide Presentations handout
  • Multiple-choice questions; exam will be taken on the Chromebook

3. Finish any remaining slide presentations - HANDOUT HERE

4. Some things to think about
  • Here's an INTERESTING ARTICLE about Donald Trump and the Republican Party
  • And here's THE ARTICLE we discussed on Tuesday about Officer Jason Van Dyke recently being released on bail

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