Monday, November 16, 2015

The Paris Attacks and Understanding ISIS - November 16, 2015

HOMEWORK: Constitution Slide Show project. You will get some time in class tomorrow and Wednesday. Pay particularly close attention to the "So what?" of this project. How does your topic affect Americans today? You may need to consult the Internet, your textbook, or ask an adult. This may require you to think.

1. Laquan McDonald and the FOIA is due TODAY in Google Classroom
1.5 Vote for your favorite Team Pioneers t-shirt (scroll down to bottom)
2. The Paris Attacks and Understanding ISIS
3. Constitution Unit Slideshow Project - INSTRUCTIONS HERE
4. Haven't yet picked your topic for the Constitution Project? Check out what's available here:
Before watching this piece from Vox, please be warned there are two gruesome images. The first is at 0:40, and the next is at 1:20.

And now, before you watch this video, be aware that this next video is an opinion piece. What is the author's thesis about why ISIS exists today?

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