Friday, November 20, 2015

Our Three Branches of Government - 11/20/2015

HOMEWORK: Bring in canned goods all next week for Turkey Week. Help the homeless and hungry here in our own community. Also, figure out this weekend how you are going to improve your presentation so it is READY on Monday. Mr. Ippolito was doing way too much talking yesterday.

1. Update on the Laquan McDonald story in Chicago - VIDEO HERE
2. Presidential candidates update - they are currently spending time commenting on what to do about the Syrian refugee crisis. Plus, Bobby Jindal dropped out this week.
3. Our Three Branches of Government from NBC News - HANDOUT HERE
Three Branches VIDEO HERE

4. Door Decorating Contest - interested in helping Monday after school? Come join us! Snacks will be available!

5. Turkey Week is next week! Bring in canned food donations! Participate in activities! Go GREEN on Wednesday!!

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