Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finishing Various Projects (Ippolito absent) - 11/17/2015

HOMEWORK: Constitution Slide Show project. It is due to Google Classroom at 4:00 p.m. tomorrowPay particularly close attention to the "So what?" of this project. How does your topic affect Americans today? You need to understand your part of the Constitution and be prepared to answer questions from Mr. Ippolito when you present your slide. You may need to consult the Internet, your textbook, or ask an adult. This may require you to think.

1. "Understanding ISIS" due TODAY in Google Classroom
2. Vote for your favorite Team Pioneers t-shirt (scroll down)
3. Constitution Unit Slideshow Project - INSTRUCTIONS HERE
4. Forgot your topic for the Constitution Project? Check out the list here:
If, for whatever reason, you still did not get a Constitution Slide Show Project topic, look to see which ones are still available from the list by clicking on your class period (above). Then ask our sub today to WRITE DOWN in today's notes which topic you have chosen so I can add it to the spreadsheet when I return to school tomorrow.

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