Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Constitution Unit - Slideshow Project

Constitution Unit - Slideshow Project
For this project, you will create ONE slide that will become part of a larger Constitution slideshow presentation. 
TITLE - Place your title at the top of the slide
THE FACTS - What historical facts about your topic should Americans know?
IMAGE - Include at least one image relevant to your topic
SO WHAT? - How does this impact us today? How is this relevant to us today? Why should we care today?
YOUR NAME and PERIOD - Put your name and class period on the slide

Here is an example of what your slide might look like. It's from a later time in history, but you'll notice the various elements are there (title, info, image, name).
TIMELINE and POINT VALUE - You will get time in class on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday to both research and create your presentation. Because it is only ONE slide, you should spend a good amount of time on research, developing an understanding of what your topic is all about. This will be due on Tuesday, November 17. Because this is part of a presentation, there will be a SIGNIFICANT percentage of the grade based in on-time completion. This project is worth 50 points.


CREATING THE CONSTITUTION (all starts on pg 86 in the textbook)
  • 3/5 Compromise and how slavery was dealt with in the Constitution
  • The Great Compromise (include Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan)
  • Federalist Papers (what were they, and a focus on 10, 51, 78)
  • Arguments of the Antifederalists
ARTICLES OF THE CONSTITUTION (starts on pg 100 in the textbook)
  • Article I, Section 1
  • Article I, Section 2
  • Article I, Section 3 
  • Article I, Section 7
  • Article I, Section 8 (3 students, 3 slides)
  • Article I, Section 9
  • Article I, Section 10
  • Article II, Section 1 (2 students, 2 slides)
  • Article II, Section 2 (2 students, 2 slides)
  • Article II, Section 3
  • Article II, Section 4
  • Article III, Section 1
  • Article III, Section 2 (2 students, 2 slides)
  • Article III, Section 3
  • Article IV
  • Article V
  • Article VI
  • Article VII
  • 1st Amendment (freedom of speech)
  • 1st Amendment (freedom of the press)
  • 1st Amendment (freedom of religion)
  • 1st Amendment (right to peaceably assemble)
  • 1st Amendment (right to petition)
  • 2nd Amendment
  • 4th Amendment
  • 5th Amendment
  • 6th Amendment
  • 8th Amendment
  • 9th and 10th Amendments
  • 11th Amendment
  • 12th Amendment
  • 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
  • 16th-19th (except 18th) Amendments
  • 20th Amendment
  • 18th and 21st Amendments
  • 22nd Amendment
  • 23rd Amendment
  • 24th Amendment
  • 25th Amendment
  • 26th Amendment
  • 27th Amendment

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