Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Articles Acrostic - 10/21/2015

HOMEWORK: Articles of Confederation Acrostic Poem (see end of the agenda for assignment description)--DUE MONDAY, OCTOBER 26

1. New seating chart happens today

2. Presidential Race update - Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is out of the Democratic race--so far out that the NY Times doesn't even mention him in their 2016 Presidential Interactive
2. Finish "Problems With the Articles of Confederation" - HANDOUT HERE
Our discussion is based on the information from the INFO SHEETS HERE

4. Shays' Rebellion

5. Articles of Confederation Acrostic Poem

So you are going to place the letters in the word "Articles" down the page in Google Docs or Google Drawings, like this:









Then you think of a sentence or two that describes the United States under the Articles of Confederation. You will be graded based on your ability to incorporate what you have learned about the Articles over the last three days, particularly the problems our new nation faced under the Articles of Confederation (including our problems with Shays' Rebellion).

For example, if I were doing an acrostic poem for ice cream, it might look something like this:

In my mouth, all those flavors are yummy!
Cold is the temperature of ice cream.
Every flavor is great, but my favorite is raspberry cheesecake

Chocolate is also a great flavor of ice cream
Rocky Road, I love the texture with almonds and marshmallows
Everyone loves a cold ice cream treat on a hot day
Actually, I'm thinking about getting some ice cream right now
Mmmmmmmm! Ice cream!

Google Images has some good (and some not so good) examples of what I'm talking about.

Finally, if you're still looking for more inspiration, you can check out our friend, Mr. Hughes, as he explains The Articles of Confederation.

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