Monday, September 21, 2015

Revolution and Independence - 9/21/2015

HOMEWORK: Double-check Infinite Campus to make sure your grades are accurate in all classes.
    1. Welcome/Attendance
    2. Team photo is today at 11:20. If you have PE or elective, remind your teacher you need to leave shortly after 11:15 to get to the photo on time.2. Tell Me Something Good!
    3. I will finish updating grades today for the Q1 Progress Report
    4. JOURNAL - Independence. Take out a piece of notebook paper and respond to the following journal prompt.

    JOURNAL PROMPT:What would be GREAT about declaring your independence from your family? What could you do on your own that you currently do not have the freedom to do? What would be the first thing you would do to celebrate your independence?
    What would be difficult about having your independence? Could you make it on your own? If you couldn't make it now, at what stage in your life do you think you will be ready to live independently from your family?

    After you finish responding to the journal prompt, list three reasons why the American colonies broke away from Great Britain (if you can remember them from fifth grade).

    5. BrainPop - Causes of the American Revolution

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