Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mesoamerica in the News - 5/14/2015

1. Fill out your 8th Grade Elective Form if you haven't already

2. Take out your Maya, Inca, and Aztec Graphic Organizer

3. Let's finish up the Inca and the Aztec civilizations.
Don't have access to PPT? Here is the Inca presentation in Google Drive
Don't have access to PPT? Here is the Aztec presentation in Google Drive

4. Blog Post #14 - Using Google News search
  1. Visit Google News and search for a story that involves the Maya, the Inca, or the Aztecs. Use search terms such as Aztec, Aztecs, Aztec Empire, Aztec civilization, Inca, Incan, Incan Empire, Inca Empire, Maya, Mayan, Mayan ruins, Mayan civilization. When you change your search terms just a little bit, you can get completely different search results.
  2. Look for a story from a reliable news source. If you're not sure how to evaluate reliability, check out this great resource from the University of Texas.
  3. Write a one-paragraph summary (5-7 sentences) to explain what the article is about.
  4. Write a second paragraph (5-7 sentences) in which you explain how this article relates or connects to something you have already learned about the Maya, the Inca, or the Aztec civilizations.
  5. Write a third paragraph (this one can be short) where you say something to your reader like this: "To check out this article for yourself, visit . . ." and then copy and paste the web address you visited. Highlight the web address and make sure it is a hyperlink. You can do this by clicking the Link button in the Blogger toolbar, or by using the CTRL-K keyboard shortcut.

HW: Complete Blog Post #14 (finish by next Monday)

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