Monday, April 27, 2015

The Maya - 4/27/2015

1. Follow up from our social studies/science cross-over lesson on Friday

  • If you ever have questions or concerns, seek out answers from a parent or other trusted adult first

2. The Maya - BrainPop
3. The Mayan concept of beauty - Read this article and then respond to the questions in Blog Post #10.

Homework-- Blog Post #10 - After reading the article on Mayan beauty, what are some of the practices that you find most unusual (or even horrifying)? Think of the many things that men and women in our American culture do to look more attractive. Are any of our practices the same, or similar to, the Mayan practices? Which ones? What are some painful or extreme methods that people in our culture today use to look more attractive? In your opinion, are these methods worth it? In other words, how far should we go to be better looking? Your response should be in a paragraph of 5-7 complete sentences.

If you finish early . . . check out the FYI section in BrainPop for some more cool and interesting facts about the Maya, including a reference to Star Wars.

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