Wednesday, April 1, 2015

King Henry VIII - 4/1/2015

TODAY'S HANDOUT: The Tudor Family Tree. We didn't do any work with this today, but it was a handy reference for our discussion.

1. Some people are still looking for inspiration for the Make a Difference Project. Here are some ideas from 10th grade students at The York School in Monterey.

2. Finish yesterday's lesson on Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII - Discovering Anne Boleyn

3. Trying to explain Henry VIII's behavior - In your opinion, why does Henry act the way he does? Could Henry's behavior be driven by sociobiology?

4. Team Titans Pizza Party!! Come to Room 301 this Friday at lunch. Seating will be limited, so feel free to take your pizza with you to your favorite spot on campus.
Actual pizza party pizza may not have that many toppings. It will probably be cheese or pepperoni. Delicious.

HW: Continue working on your "Make a Difference" project

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