Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Making Vocabulary Connections - 4/21/2015

1. Check out this website that has TONS of Greek and Latin roots and their definitions. With a partner, take a couple minutes to peruse the list and find roots of at least three different terms you have learned this year in English, math, science, history, PE, or your elective.


2. This Reminds Me of That - Using Google Images, search for images that relate to each of the vocabulary terms we are learning about in this unit. Look at the definitions you have already written down (yesterday's homework), and then look at the images you are seeing in Google Images. You are going to make connections between our vocabulary terms and something you can relate to in your life, at our school, in our community, or in our world. Answer this question for each term:

The word _____ in our vocab reminds me of _________ because _________.

For example:

The word drought in our vocab reminds me of our own state because we are currently facing a water shortage right here in California. We need more rain!

Blog Post #7 - Write a total of EIGHT "This Reminds Me of That" sentences using any eight of the vocabulary terms on your Mesoamerica Vocabulary list. Make the vocab terms bold in each sentence.

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