Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Children and Education in Maya Society - 4/28/2015

1. Read "Children and Education in Maya Society"
2. When you finish reading the article on Maya children, take your notecard, complete this sentence:
When I grow up, I want to . . .
3. Start a new blog post, and take a photo of your notecard using Insert Image, and then From Your Webcam, like the image below. Follow the prompts carefully to give permission for Blogger to access the webcam. If it's not working, it's likely because you are not following the instructions.

 4. Watch Logan LaPlante's TEDx Talk: "Hackschooling makes me happy"

Homework-- Blog Post #11: Compare the Maya culture and our modern American culture. How does each culture raise and educate their children? Is it better to send children to school for 13 years? Is it better for children to learn by working in the real world? Or is it better to have some sort of combination of both. What is "hackschooling," and how does Logan LaPlante's TED talk on hackschooling relate to this discussion of education? Respond in a paragraph of 5-7 sentences.

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