Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Advice from Aztec parents - 4/29/2015

1. Review Blog Post #11 - What is the best form of education for young people in our culture? Would you ever want to "hack school" like Logan LaPlante? Why or why not?

2. Name one piece of advice we often get from our parents/guardians. Then identify the value or principle behind that piece of advice. For example:

  • ADVICE: Don't talk to strangers. VALUE: Safety.
  • ADVICE: Don't chew food with your mouth open. VALUE: Politeness, Courtesy
3. Advice from Aztec parents - Choose the PRIMARY SOURCE you wish to read today:
HOMEWORK: Blog Post #12 - 
Part 1: Identify what you think are the three most important values that either Aztec fathers or Aztec mothers tried to pass along to their sons or daughters. Provide evidence from your reading. Part 1 will be a response will be a paragraph of about 5-7 sentences.

Part 2: Identify the three most important values or pieces of advice you have gotten from a parent/guardian, and why you think these values or this advice are so important to your parent/guardian, OR
Think about at least three pieces of advice (father to son, father to daughter, mother to daughter, or mother to son) that you will pass down to your child. Write these down and explain why you chose each piece of advice. Part 2 will be a response of about 5-8 sentences. 


Testing room assignments are in the window.

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