Monday, January 26, 2015

Intro to Feudalism - 1/26/2015

Is it better to be able to make decisions for yourself, or is it better for someone to make decisions for you?

1. Seating Chart and the new "Tech Chair" position
2. Collect 14:3 homework and "Religious Orders" (if you printed it yourself or created it on paper)
3. Review responses to "Going Medieval" Video Study Guide
3. VIDEO - "Feudalism" from BrainPop
4. Set up your own BrainPop account!
  • Go to, click on the Enter Code button at the top, and enter this code: ipp301
  • Create your own BrainPop account by creating a username and password. I STRONGLY recommend that you use your Infinite Campus username and password as your BrainPop username and password.
  • Once you have created your account, take the quiz on "Feudalism"
Family Technology Night II - Your family is invited to this amazing educational experience! We will include dinner, babysitting, and bilingual translators. We will be teaching parents about Google Drive in the Classroom and understanding different social media that teens use today. Mr. Ippolito will be one of the teacher hosts. I would love to see you there this Wednesday, January 28, 6-8pm. You can sign up for free HERE.

  • Check to make sure all your history assignments are up-to-date for this unit. Here is everything you should have completed so far:

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