Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Q2 Exam - 12/17/2014

to begin the exam.

When you finish your Q2 Exam today, you may:
  • Sit quietly at your desk while other students finish their exams. This gives everyone an opportunity to do their best with few distractions.
  • Do work or study for another class.
  • Work on Above and Beyond work for this class (coding, typing test, etc).
  • Read a book.
  • If you would like to listen to music from Mr. Ippolito's History of Music, Volume 1 Playlist, you may take out your own headphones or earbuds to plug into your Chromebook. You may not listen to your own personal music at this time. Remember to please keep the volume at a reasonable level so that you are the only one who can hear your music. You can find that playlist HERE.
  • CHROMEBOOK CAPTAINS: In order to receive credit for the work you have done this quarter, please complete this form HERE.
  • Students taking the History of Music Listening Exam tomorrow at lunch are reminded that your one-pager is due TODAY.
  • All Above and Beyond Tracker forms are due tomorrow.
  • Please sign the poster for Ms. Stauch and her mom located on the table in the southwest corner of our classroom.

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