Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Prince Shotoku unites the clans - Dec 9, 2014

I. Google Slides presentation: Review! 

1. Japan is an mountainous and volcanic archipelago (chain of islands) with very limited farming land.  The lack of resources and clan like system of living (a close knit group of families) led to a lot of clan warfare.  Clash of Clans! (Chap 12 Sect 1)

2. Eventually, one of these clans, the Yamato clan, under Prince Shotoku, managed to unify Japan for the first time. He was not the emperor, he was a regent, or governor, for his aunt who was too young to lead.  (Chap 12 Sect 2)

II. Annotating Lecture Study Skill

1.  Prince Shotoku uses Buddhism as a way to unite Japan.
2.  Prince Shotoku creates a constitution based on Confucian ideas

III. CNN Student News

Homework: Read pg 331

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