Friday, November 14, 2014

Retake and Presentation Research - Nov. 14, 2014

I. Africa Unit Retake

II. Fantasy Geopolitics

III. Finish Presentation Research (Goal: Research should be finished by today!)

*Genghis Khan Questions:
1. What was Genghis Khan's real name?
2. What year was Genghis Khan born?  What year did he die?
3. What does Genghis Khan mean?
4. After marrying Borte, why did Genghis Khan have to return to his father's tribe? What did he find when he got there?
5. Why did the other tribe leaders join Genghis Khan?
6. What made Genghis Khan's armies so powerful?  (Describe their military tactics)
7. What year did Genghis Khan invade and conquer northern China?
8.  What do you think, "Conquering the world is easy, it is dismounting and governing that is hard" mean?

Essential Question: What was the legacy left behind by Genghis Khan

*Kublai Khan Questions:
1. What year was Kublai born?  What year did he die?
2. What experiences in Kublai's childhood would help him become a powerful war leader?
3. What dynasty ruled southern China when Kublai Khan invaded?
4.  What was the capital city of the Yuan Dynasty?
5. Why did Kublai stop invading China after his brother, Mongke died?
6. What weapon did the Mongols use to defeat the Song?  Where did they get it from?
7. Describe 3 ways Kublai Khan remained in power of the Yuan dynasty.
8. Who was Marco Polo and what was his relationship with Kublai Khan? (Click on the link and scroll down to the paragraph that talks about the relationship between Marco Polo and the Silk Road)

Essential Question:  How did the relationship between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan affect the world? (hint: the Silk Road)

*The Ming Dynasty
1.What ancient enemy of China set up the Yuan dynasty that ruled before the Ming took over?
2. How did the Ming dynasty begin?
3. Who was the first ruler of the Ming dynasty?
4. List 3 great projects the Ming worked on and describe them.
5. What was the Jinyi Wei? Who established them and why?
6. Who was Zeng He and why was he important to the Ming?  (Click on the link)  Where did he travel and what did he bring back?
7. The first traders from Europe arrived in China during the Ming Dynasty.  What country were they from?
8. What type of blue and white art was the Ming Dynasty famous for?

Essential Question: What was the legacy of the Ming Dynasty? 

IV. Watch Google Slides Video
-If you have completed the presentation research.  Everyone in your group must have completed their work before watching the video.

V. Begin Presentation
-If you have watched the video

Homework: Study for Monday's quiz!

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