Thursday, October 16, 2014

Disaster Today, Test Tomorrow! - 10/16/2014

1. Intro video from Mr. Ippolito

2. Review BC, BCE, CE, AD, and centuries - watch this video again. It will help with questions 19 and 20 in the Study Guide.
3. Take out your Study GuideNeed to look at a digital copy? It's HERE. To help you with your final study, rather than picking a couple standards and just giving you detailed answers to those, I have decided to give you ALL the answers. Well, at least where to find all the answers. Just go to the Awesome Learning Guide.
  • The Great Shake-Out is today during E Period.
  • E Period, please make sure there is a #2 pencil in your backpack at the BEGINNING of the period. In my class, once you are finished with the Great Shake Out assignment, you should plan to bring a RELAX book out to the field, or something else quiet to do. According to school rules, no student is allowed to have any electronic distractions (headphones, video game players, cell phones, etc) out during the drill. In an actual emergency, you will need to be alert and be able to hear instructions given at a moment's notice.
  • The Q1 Final Exam is tomorrow, Friday, October 17. Your presence tomorrow is very importantStudy Guides were handed out last Friday. Need another copy? It's HERE. The Exam will be offered Monday (10/20) at lunch for anyone absent tomorrow.
    • Study for tomorrow's Q1 Exam. 

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